Uncategorized Sellers Are Ready To Enter the Housing Market. Are You? One of the biggest questions in real estate today is, “When will sellers return to the housing market?” An ongoing shortage of home supply has created a hyper-competitive environment for hopeful buyers, leading to the ultimate sellers’ market. However, as the economy continues to improve and more people get vaccinated, more sellers may finally be […]
Uncategorized Why Waiting to Buy a Home Could Cost You a Small Fortune This article originally came from Keeping Current Matters. I adapted it for home prices in Santa Clara County. Many people are sitting on the fence trying to decide if now’s the time to buy a home. Some are renters who have a strong desire to become homeowners but are unsure if buying right now makes […]
Uncategorized ADUs can increase your home value. Did you know you can increase your property value with an ADU? If you’re thinking of selling your home, consult with Lynne Tran Team. We will create a perfect strategy to boost the value of your home before putting it on the market. Text or call us to us today. What are ADUs? Accessory Dwelling […]
Uncategorized Real Estate Is a Driving Force in the Economy As the economy recovers from this year’s health crisis, the housing market is playing a leading role in the turnaround. It’s safe to say that what we call “home” is taking on a new meaning, causing many of us to consider buying or selling sooner rather than later. Housing, therefore, has thrived in an otherwise […]
Uncategorized C.A.R.: California housing market claws back past two months of losses in June California housing market claws back past two months of losses in June as median home price sets another record high, C.A.R. reports – Existing, single-family home sales totaled 339,910 in June on a seasonally adjusted annualized rate, up 42.4 percent from May and down 12.8 percent from June 2019. – June’s statewide median home price was $626,170, […]
Uncategorized Fall housing shifts quickly to a buyer’s market, per CNBC. Is that true for Silicon Valley? CNBC yesterday published an article warning that the fall housing has shifted to a buyer’s market. Several factors contribute to the shift, they claim: 1. People think mortgage rates will keep falling so they wait. 2. Many people don’t believe now is a good time to buy or sell, although they are not concerned about […]
Uncategorized Consumers are still too vulnerable to identity theft According to a recent CNBC report, consumers are still too vulnerable to identity theft two years after the giant Equifax data breach. Among those probably affected are home buyers who might have submitted their personal information to the credit agency for credit check. Sellers are not immune either, especially if they sell and buy to […]
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